Lumia 920 vs iPhone 5 vs Galaxy SIII - The Real Thing

(English is not my native language, so, forgive me for any grammar mistake)

First of all, i do not want to create a flamewar, but a clarifying post about what is what should be considered about the top 3 (my opinion) smartphones of the moment in each OS. I will post this at Apple Core, Microsoft Tribe and Android Army, to see what each group of people will comment.


SCREEN - All right, let's compare screen first. The Lumia 920 have a 4.5" screen with resolution of 1280x768 and 332ppi (Hm.. really nice screen size, not big, not small, with reasolution little beyond HD and a massive ppi) with PureMotion HD+ that makes a 60hz refresh rate (Wow, this is really great). The iPhone 5 have a 4" screen, with resolution of 1136x640 and 326ppi (Yeah, the screen is also good sized, almost small, but real good sized indeed. The resolution is not HD, wich is disappointing.. many apps will run letterboxed. The ppi is great, 326, 6 away from Lumia, but that's not significant.. except that this ppi is achieved in a smaller screen). Time for the Galaxy show it's huge 4.8" display, with 1280x720 resolution and 306ppi (In one side, it has the bigger screen, that can be also good or bad, depending on the user exigence. The resolution if fine, HD. And it have the smallest ppi, 306, wich should not be problematic, but its screen is the bigger, and the one with less ppi... wich should make some real difference against its competitors).

CAMERA - Lumia hava 8.7mp PureView camera, wich makes some miracles to the photos and videos with it's OIS and light capture (But its only prototype.. it can disappoint to, depend on how Nokia will finish it. But i bet it will be successful). iPhone 5 have 8mp camera, better than 4S's and with more vivid colors (Hm, promissor camera, but i'm afraid that this "vivid" colors are just saturated colors. Still, if wasn't for PureView, it should be top camera in phone's market). Galaxy have a standard 8mp camera.

HARDWARE - Lumia and Galaxy share the same processor: Snapdragon S4, dual-core and 1.5Ghz (Is indeed a powerful processor, wich runs better on WP than Android, thanks to a syngergy between the software and hardware, one of Android's weakness... Galaxy have 2GB memory agaisnt 1GB of Lumia, but that's pretty even considering the synergy). iPhone 5 will have a A6 processor model. We don't have any technical information about this processor (BUT was told to us that it will be powerfull, with graphic power to, that will make games incredible. iOS also count with the software/hardware synergy, wich will boost it's potential).

SOFTWARE - WP8 is a fresh new OS and very promissor one, because it's a light OS, with huge gaming potential thanks to Microsoft's DirectX, an ecosystem, and have it own kind of UI (beautiful or not, the user decide) It's app store is still small for some people (It have currently about to 100.000 apps... and i think nobody have ever downloaded this quantity of apps before, or needed. Also, almost all the huge apps such as Facebook and Twitter are there already) and, finally, WP8 at Nokia's phones will have some interesting apps such as City Lens and Nokia Maps. iOS 6 is a good, stable os, beautiful to many people and with a huge base installed, wich means an already live and functional ecosystem (Beating in this actual state the Microsoft's ecosystem, wich is in a kind of beta) Have a solid app store, where you can find everything, and in this iOS version, it will reduce it's google dependance, starting with it own maps system, wich is kind of risky. Android, at last, show us a very costumizable OS (Contrary to its competitors, who can only change tile colors[wp8], or wallpapers[ios]) with a massive app store to, that have all the Google's software support and nativity. Is also the most heavy OS is analysis here, that demands power-hungry batteries and processors, have no software/hardware synergy and no ecosystem.

Wow... I guess this is it. Note that i did not mention anything about NFC or Wireless charging, and thats because I don't think it really makes the difference, but they are good things to have indeed. I didn't mention how the current iPhone was comparing to the other ones, because thats not the point. The point is: What it will make agaisnt its competitors. I didn't mention the phones designs too, because thats consumers choice. And, forgive me if I wrote something that implies fanboyism, but it was not my intention, i only wrote a neutral thinking about what i see and what matters.