Turn by turn with iOS 6 on Verizon: What happens?

It is somewhat embarrassing to say, but the news last night that the vzw iphone 5 doesnt support simultaneous voice and data ruined my evening. I was already to jump ship from AT&T, and then i had to do some hard thinking: how much do i use voice and data at the same time?

So I landed on what would probably be the most painful and frequent potential occurrence of this: using turn by turn nav and accepting a phone call. i hope upon hope that the directions are cached and i will still be alerted to turns while talking on the phone. I dont care if the map tiles dont update, i just dont want to miss turns if i take a call.

I am asking this of someone with a verizon 4s with the GM of iOS 6. can anyone try this out? i feel like this will be a biggy for a lot of people. Thanks for the help.