On Skeumorphism.. [bear with me, 130words!]

Was just reading this brilliant post by Shtekeris..

which led me to wonder - for all the flak that iOS/macOS gets from both lovers and haters alike (or the neutral-minority), wouldn't it be simpler for Apple to provide something along the option of Themes?

If I were to bring MSFT into the mix.. I don't know about W8, but apps and the interface itself on msft's OSes have mostly been easily tweaked/changed in themes.

Wouldn't it be a nice "feature" to have if Apple allowed it's users to choose from different GUIs for a program?

I mean, it could be gimmicky, but it does seem to be an interesting (potentially a welcomed) change to Apple's offerings (:

And then at least, we can be spared the cries of "gosh this is skeumorphic, oh why."