Making Bing sexy - appify it

Personally, I love Bing. But for most people there's very little incentive to switch from Google.

The home-page is much sexier - but when most people search direct from the browser address bar Bing's biggest advantage has just disappeared.

Right now it looks far too much like Google. In fact, it's uglier than Google. Actually, it's really ugly. For the average person, it feels just like Google, so when they're more than comfortable on Google why switch?

The Windows 8 app, on the other hand, is gorgeous and really striking. Microsoft have already 'app-ified' some of their biggest websites like Outlook and Skydrive - and they need to do it to Bing too.

Obviously it needs some adaptation - scrolling down rather than sideways, for instance. And more integration with other Bing services such as News etc.

It also brings in their daily image. So come on - make Bing the sexy choice for search.

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