Just bought a maxed-out 15" Retina MacBook Pro.

And let me say..The Verge has never looked so good. It's just popping with amazingness.

I'm comparing it side by side with my 2010 MBA (which I'll be selling on ebay in the near future) and the MBA just looks grainy and flat in comparison. And SO DULL, the colours!

Is it just the IPS display, or maybe a Lion/Mountain Lion difference over Snow Leopard which is what i still have on my MBA's Mac partition??

The MBP is just extremely vivid and luscious. It simply looks eye-popping...That's all I can say.

In fact...it's so good that it's showing up the limitations of the Mac UI. It's looking SO life-like (e.g. the icons and the dock!!!! my goodness.....), that the skeuomorphic design of the OS is looking incredibly wanting. E.g. the NON-skeuomorphic design of the Messages app icon against the skeuomorphic design of the dock (and the shadow behind the icon), is ridiculous and jarring - certainly not world class design (to match Ives' hardware work). The whole UI either needs to go ALL the way and be some super amazing portal into a virtual reality world, or tone down the skeuomorphism fetish and just think more about optimising the experience for the form factor that it's existing in. I think the latter.

Anyway this machine is my desktop for the next 5 years. Main issue <a href="http://www.theverge.com/2012/9/9/3304919/will-16gb-of-ram-and-win8s-new-memory-management-system-finally-make"> i worry about</a> is the RAM...wish they offered a 32GB option. I may seem like a mac rich boy but I'm really not. I'm just a techie upgrading to the best laptop hardware there is and making an investment here.

Basically, can't wait to put windows 8 on it…hehe ;)

Just hope I don't get burned by the non-upgradeability of everything in 3-4 years time. My guess is 'probably not', since it looks like desktop OSes (well Windows anyway) are actually getting more lean & efficient with power/processing due to the thundering trend and appeal of mobility. And with the SSD it looks like 3rd party companies will make solutions to replace that 768GB drive anyway so at least I'll be satiated on THAT front. I'm quite sure I'll be chafing at the bit to upgrade to some 1.5TB replacement in only 18-24 months' time. (edit: oh yeah, another useful upgrade that CAN be done is the wifi chip. I definitely will replace the 802.11n one with an 801.11ac 1Gbps card down the track!)

I just dread the first moment on this machine of experiencing slowness or a glitch caused by lack of RAM/CPU :-( (the beginning of the end, right?). I truly thrash my computers, with no mercy :). But for now, this thing is so good that for the first time ever, I actually *noticed*, I could tell, a speed bottleneck being the fault Adobe Flash when watching a Verge video :). Yep - not browser, not OS, not CPU and not RAM. The software powering the content on my webpage. Nice :)

Any recommendations for the best screen protector for the retina MBP? I better look after this incredible display...