Windows Phone 8: The App Situation

So know we know what the major phone manufacturers have up there sleeves and I for one am underwhelmed by the iPhone 5. This has me considering switching to the Nokia 920 as I know many others are considering. My one big fear is losing a lot of apps I really enjoy. Obviously a lot of the most popular apps are available (or kind of baked in, I know WP8 is less app-centric than iOS). I know Microsoft is pushing hard to get developers on board, but I'd like to hear thoughts on the current situation, on what apps have been announced for WP8 (especially this) and on what you feel is missing and may continue to be missing from the Windows Phone ecosystem. I personally love games like Carcassonne, Ticket to Ride and Catan, none of which seem to be available. This is coming from a iPhone 4S user that wants to be convinced that WP8 is a viable choice. The 920 is sexy as hell, so convince me.