Kickstarter for iControlPad 2 - open source bluetooth controller w/ keyboard and gaming controls.

There is a kickstarter for something which is really interesting. A full QWERTY keyboard, digital D-Pad, 2 analogue nubs, 4 face buttons, Start, Select and 2 shoulder buttons with open source firmware.
I've got a iPad, nexus 7, raspberry pi and other devices and while I'm currently using a bunch of different ways to access it. full size wireless keyboard and mouse, ssh, vnc and all that fun stuff..
The factory can make them really quick. estimated date is Nov 2012.... It's rare to see a kickstarter with an actual finished product on display ready for market or at least an estimated date before 2014..
I don't expect a full blown support.. but this is something which would be mighty interesting to others.
I am not associated with this project. Just a interested fan.

iControlpad2 - Kickstarter - An open source controller (via craigix)