Am I the only one not upset about the 5's dock connector?

So I really honestly don't get the big fuss. Okay that's a little of an exaggeration, I do understand that with the new dock connector you'll have to get an adaptor or buy a new speaker dock. However, with bluetooth and airplay and the whole movement to wireless I'm surprised by the "outrage" even the Today Show seem to make it into a conspiracy by Apple and vendors to make billions of dollars off of us. Personally, I think from the keynote and reading what Intel has said that we could see thunderbolt coming to the iPhone, and that excites me, think of the possibilities!

I moved to a Jambox speaker last year for streaming music from my iPhone or iPad at home, and I bought a new car in January that has bluetooth. But even before that I used aux in on my old car. To me it just seems like Apple never wins. If they don't change stuff or not enough stuff then they are scrutinized for not moving forward, but even when they do change things they are scrutinized for "purposely milk people out of $$" or my new favorite is "Well 4" screen is okay, but it's not big enough."

I'm starting to get the feeling that even if apple through everything into a phone, people would still whine!