What do you want to see from the upcoming Nexus device(s)?

The rumours are scarce, with only a mildly updated Nexus 2 and the possibility of multiple manufacturers announcing upto 5 Nexus devices come November.

I try to keep an open mind myself, and have thoroughly considered the Lumia 920, the Galaxy S3, RAZR HD and the iPhone 5 for my next purchase, but none of them really give me the full package that I want.

Here's my list of things I want to see from the Nexus Flagship

- Modern processor (anything with 28nm architecture, A15 would be amazing, S4 Pro would be awesome too, but knowing the great optimization that Nexus devices have with stock android, even a base S4 will do)

- Micro SD card slot OR 64 gig option (I am tired of budgeting my phone's capacity, and this is with having a 16 gig S2 with a 32 gig Micro SD in it)

- Large Removable Battery OR Epic capacity ala RAZR HD MAXX (I want to be able to head out 8 am and come back home at midnight and still have 10 percent juice left, and I'm willing to put up with a secondary battery if necessary)

- High DPI Non-Pentile Display (Apple, Nokia, HTC and Sony can do it... why not Nexus)

- Decent Camera (It doesn't have to be the very best, but at least make it competitive, 8 megapixels would suffice, with a good quality lens and sensor ala S3)

- NFC (should be a given by now)

- LTE (AT&T please, I live in Canada and AT&T compatible LTE means that we will get an LTE version too)

What features should the next Nexus device (or devices) have for it to earn a spot in your pocket?