Apple is dying.

Investors are leaving Apple in droves after they missed their financial expectations last quarter. They're on a downward spiral which they can't recover from.


Apple can't compete with Samsung, so they litigate. Apple knows Samsung will destroy them unless they can unfairly disqualify them from competition. Filthy patent trolls.


The iPad is an inferior product. Apple is rapidly losing mindshare and marketshare to excellent Android tablets like the Transformer Prime and Nexus 7. The "iPad mini" is just a desperate attempt to cash in on the 7-inch tablet market before the iPad becomes irrelevant.


iPhone sales have been on a decline for a while. No one wants iPhones anymore, they're all lining up for superior products like the Galaxy S III. Simply put, iPhone sales have peaked and will never recover to be as high as they were before.


Face it, iDrones. Apple is dying.