Vergecraft Realms: request to join the game here


Hello Verge readers & Minecraft players!

The Verge's Minecraft server, Vergecraft Realms, uses a "whitelist" to restrict access from random players. If you'd like to join our server, please comment in this thread with your username. We check the thread daily, and requests should typically be fulfilled within 48 hours.

NOTE: We will only add one username per forum member. If your friends want to join, please have them submit a request individually.


Vergecraft Realms is a competitive, survival-based Minecraft server. In addition to the basic survival mode of Minecraft, players may gather together to form factions, claim territory, forge alliances, wage war, and build their own civilizations. Or, they can explore at their own risk in the Wilderness, dodging creatures and crafty human bandits.

How to join

  1. First, you'll need a copy of Minecraft, updated to the latest version.
  2. When you've created a Minecraft username, submit it for approval in our Vergecraft Realms whitelist thread. We approve requests on a daily basis.
  3. Launch the game, and add to your server list.

Server Rules

Basic Rules

  • Be courteous. Follow the same rules of the road in the Verge's community guidelines. That means no spam, illegal activities, porn, personal attacks, racism, or sexism.
  • Don't advertise. Please don't advertise your website, your Minecraft server, or anything else.
  • Play fair. Don't ask server admins to bend the rules: they are not allowed to spawn items or creatures, or teleport players between locations. Additionally, if you discover an exploit, please report it to server admins using the "/helpop" command. Players caught knowingly using exploits to gain an unfair advantage, or otherwise cheating, will be banned.

Click here for the full list of rules and a player guide.