Is apple without "Steve jobs" any better then timid Microsoft of past decade?

The iPhone 5 is an improvement over its predecessor in nearly every way, and is launching at the same usual price. But the reactions around the world have been surprisingly negative. Not just ambivalent, which would be the more natural response to underwhelming news, but actively hostile. For better or worse, Apple now seems unable to keep secrets related to iPhone development. We knew exactly what was coming weeks ago, and there were no surprises at all. Leaks or no, though, the truth is there really were no "wow" moments during yesterday's product launch. Nothing felt very new or exciting. That goes for hardware as well as software.


All these lead us to think -

What has changed that apple is unable to keep its product secret anymore?
Why all of a sudden it is not looking as dynamic and agile company once loved and respected?

=>And the only major change in apple in recent past is it's top leadership.

The absence of a creative and influential leader like Steve jobs can be a paradigm-changing blow to any company.

Just think of "DISNEY" when Walt Disney left!


FORD" when henry ford left!

Don't get me wrong, the iPhone 4 was the biggest leak in apple's history and there had always been minor leaks here and there but the way apple reacted to those leaks then and now shows a completely different face of the tech titan.

Just think about the apple's reaction when iPhone4 was leaked, and then for a moment about the current iPhone 5 leak . I am not going into whole story but everyone who follows the tech news and rumors can easily differentiate between the changes in apple's behavior in past three years.

Apart from the leaks, the other major factor that stole thunder from apple’s announcement was -

"Less wow factor in the newest version of iOS."

Believe it or not, all the major iPhone upgrades that Steve jobs announced or supposedly was involved in were major steps forward.


iPhone version

Announced by

Critical response

Original iPhone

Steve Jobs

WOW…. 

iPhone 3g (App Store)

Steve Jobs

WOW…. 

iPhone 3gs

Tim Cook

BOO…. 

iPhone 4

Steve Jobs

WOW…. 


Tim Cook

BOO…. 

iPhone 5

Tim Cook

BOO…. 

Sure Steve must have been involved with iPhone 3gs and 4s but due to health reasons not entirely.

And now as he can't be anymore involved in future product development does that mean apple's all the creative days are behind it, exactly opposite of what Steve stated during his resignation.

"Apple’s most creative days are ahead of it"

I hope Steve is right and this boring iPhone 5 just turns out the misleading peace before the monstrous storm to come. I hope apple is in the process of developing something as disrupting as the original iOS and is just not ready yet; maybe iOS 7 will blow everyone out of water.

After all and you can still trust apple to do that at some point in future.

"Remember the one tech company that has shook the world and pleasantly surprised every tech lover more then most other firms combined is your darling fruit company."