Cool phone names

Well, I was bored, so I thought of good phone names


Samsung low-end:

New series for low-end is called Roiel (pronounced roy=el)

Roiel Absolute

Roiel Mini

Roiel Cunclude

Roiel Fathom

Roiel Loti

Roiel Junip

Roiel Seam

Roiel Hostile

Samsung mid-end:

New series for mid-end is called Gamma

Gamma Astro

Gamma Yumi

Gamma Kenju

Gamma Songyi

Gamma Perpetual

Gamma Josie (aimed at girls demographic)

Gamma Fly

Gamma Run (aimed at sporty demography)

Gamma Cubicle (aimed at enterprise)


HTC low-end:

"Desire" series lives on

Desire Love

Desire Mecha

Desire J

Desire N

HTC mid-end:

"Lynx" series

Lynx Geo

Lynx Marco

Lynx Petite

Lynx Avro (Copyrights to Avro)

Lynx Diamond

Lynx Emerald

Lynx Coral

Lynx Venom


LG low-end:

New series "Kleo"

Kleo Y

Kleo Mini

Kleo Z

Kleo H

Klleo N6

Kleo C4

LG mid-end:

Series "Ice"

Ice u

Ice G5

Ice F22

Ice Memphis

Ice Whistler

Ice Longhorn

The high-end phones need not have crazy names, so there ya go.