"Average Consumer"

I think we should have this conversation: Who exactly is the "average consumer" of tech products?

Sometimes I get concerned. This is a small sample size but this little skit by Jimmy Kimmel is interesting:

Like I said, this is a small sample size but I've seen this thing done before and people still couldn't tell. It's like people just go for the newest, shiny and "cool" device.

I remember a time there was survey done and 42% of buyers said they didn't know that their PS3 had a Blu-Ray drive.

I once walked into a store and parents were buying a DS for their kind. You could tell they didn't know what the heck they were buying.

How does the average consumer buy their tech gadgets? Do they research on the internet? Do they just get news about a new device from the news? Do they buy because their friends do it?

I for one read every review, watch as much hands on videos on what I want to buy. I even pop into a store to actually see the device before making the decision to buy.

Anybody out there consider themselves as "average" consumers? (It's kind of hard since you're reading the Verge, I'm guessing you're not) or do you know of any person you consider as an "average consumer"