What do you want from the next Android version?

Do you want it to be a X.0 or a 4.x release?

When do you expect it? Google IO or in december?

What features should it have?

Nexus device?

I think it will be a 4.x version because ICM/JB is complete. I don't see them making a whole new interface this time.

It will be 4.2, released at Google IO (i really hope for december, because I have bought a Nexus 3 days ago).


-If you connect it to a screen> BOOM! Chrome OS in 8 seconds! (or Chromium OS because that's the open-source one)

-Multiple accounts with guests mode (^ source of inspiration ^)

-Chrome standard browser (or Chromium to keep it open-source)

-Android webapp:

  • Import music to Android device (Because Google Play Music is US-only)
  • Change settings
  • ?
-File manager. No. No file manager. It makes the OS too complicated to average users. It adds NO functionality to normal users. fAndroids know where to download an file manager (Maybe a Google one, but nothing that comes standard to devices)
And there is one more. A special one. I was in a lesson at my school and I was thinking about notificationlights and smartwatches. Smartwatches use bluetooth, and bluetooth needs a connection all the time. It needs battery. A lot of it. So I thought about a push-like connection. The receiver needs battery but the sender needs it only a few times a day. The receiver will be looking for a signal all the time (maybe high-frequenty sounds?) and when the phone sends a special signal (via the speaker) it does an action. The phone only sends a message with a max. lenght of 5 seconds. Ideal for controlling stuff at home (Android at Home someone?).
Sorry for my English.