When a Windows fanboy is the voice of reason...

Windows fanboy Paul Thurrott on the iPhone.

Frankly, what this really comes down to is which platform you support, and this is what I meant up front by Apple specifically not changing the value proposition at all with the iPhone 5: It addressed two key concerns about the previous iPhone—its ludicrously small screen and equally ludicrous lack of LTE networking---and that’s it. But that’s all it had to do.

For Nokia, Microsoft, and the other Windows Phone 8 partners, the situation is much murkier. Windows Phone is superior to iOS, sure, but no one knows this or seems to care. The Windows Phone 8 ecosystem is vastly inferior to that of the iPhone, with a smaller apps market, less content, and fewer connected services. What’s there is generally excellent and is arguably all that most people need. But perceptions are hard to overcome.

Of course he must've 'missed' the part where the average iPhone user has 100 apps. Sure, Robert Scoble is probably the cause of that, but iPhone users do buy more apps than any user of any other platform. It's why the Apple App Store is a real success and everything else is a failure when it comes to making money for developers.

It doesn’t help that Google’s Android also runs rings around the iPhone 5 with a broader selection of devices and partners than Windows Phone

Aww, Thurrott, poor guy who can't quite understand that the traditional use of multiple OEMs doesn't quite work as it use to for Windows in the mobile market. Or that broader does not mean better. And what's the advantage of partners who aren't making any money?