Smartphone screen sizes: A discussion

I've had a few friends after the iPhone 5 announcement complain about the "fad" of growing screen size. They insist that larger phones are obnoxious.

Maybe I'm crazy, but isn't that the exact opposite of the truth? If there were no other variables involved, wouldn't YOU want the largest phone you can comfortably carry? Why would you prefer something that, by design, would make it harder for you to read, manipulate, and type on?

It's like buying a TV. If your TV stand can take a 32", and price isn't the deciding factor, why in the hell would you put a 24" there?

I think some people have it set in their head that 3.7" is the perfect size, when there's absolutely no indication that's true. Even for people with smaller hands, the overall usability of a larger phone would offer greater benefits.

But maybe I'm just crazy.