Asus Zenbook U500 already reviewed?!

So ever since I saw the Asus Zenbook U500 I knew it was going to be my next laptop (as long as it is not more than $1500). Because finally there was nice looking ultraportable with powerful specs and a good design (and of course nvidia gt 650m). This has lead to me obsessively searching it on Google daily just for more details. Soooo while doing this daily ritual of mine I stumbled upon not only a full written preview but one that had a video preview of the laptop as well (including a gaming performance test!!).

So after checking out this all out everything seems legit. So I would recommend anyone interested in the laptop to check out this review as a very early indicator to what might be in store.

Link to the review below.

(PSA: wrote this in a rush at 3:07 in the morning, so sorry for any grammatical errors.)