Why I think Android will fall

(English is not my native language, so, forgive me for any grammar mistake)

It is a long read, and a worth one

Well, I'm here to write about my personal feelings about the current phone market and how the release of WP8 and the iPhone dominance will direct it to a much higher level.

First of all, lets say something about Microsoft and Apple. Microsoft detains 92% of the active desktops marketshare, Apple have 5%. While on phones, Apple is with 19%, Microsoft 3% and Android 64%!.

So, in my primary analysis, Android rules the kingdom of phones and the title of this post is just stupid. But, wait, it does not have any % in the desktop marketshare! And i'm going to explain why this is Android's ruin.

I've been seeing all this years an evolution. An evolution of the phones. Early called only by cellphones, they got the newborn name "smartphone" adopted since the release of the first iPhones, one thing that truly shaked all the phone industry. Phones from that point evolved from simple devices who existed only to make mobile calls to a personal mobile plataform, where you could now browse on web, check your e-mails, take photos and share on social networks and that way, becoming a little eletronic part of you and your needs.

Many has changed since that revolution begins, and I think that we are now on a new revolution, and a continuation of what the iPhone create: The Ecosystems

And that's the point of this "pseudo-article", to make people realize that:

- Android does not have an ecosystem. Its owner can have the Google OS on phone, but on computer, it is completely dependant on both Windows and Mac (or Linux, for the hardcore ones)

- Apple have 19% of phone dominance, but its ecosystem is not used, because of the poor 5% desktop share. (I am not saying it is a bad ecosystem, but it is not used as it was suposed to)

- Microsoft on the other side, have the heavy 92% of desktops but only 3% on phones!

And that's why we are, right now, on one of the most crucious moment of the recent smartphones history. No one has dominance. Android have the phones, but 0 desktops. Apple have the ecosystem but it is not really used(I mean in its full potential). And Microsoft is building it's ecosystem, have the desktops but not the phones.

So, after saying all that (wich some users will treat as bull****, and others will agree) I have to say that: The battle now is between Apple and Microsoft. Once again, the two gigantic enterprises will face eachother, and Android will be out of that fight because of, in my point of view, the things that Google neglected.

Google has not been a good OS holder. Android is known to be heavy, full of malwares and copied the iOS design. Besides it's own criations, the OS works pretty much like the iOS, but in a "poor" way. It is open source and customizable, but if you don't have a high-end android phone, it will lag and crash, because the system is heavy and not well maded, with a lot of atualizations that are pretty much bug correction and things that make the system slow. (I have the same bad experience with at least, 6 android phones. One from LG simply exploded on the first day of usage, just after ~8h of use). And this is one real deal when you have to do cheap phones. It is almost suicide buy a low-end android phone, being worst than a high-end "dumbphone". Google also does not have a desktop OS, it tried to have, really, but does not worked well. And all that last to Android from Google, is the services its company have, such as YouTube and Google Maps, but they are not exclusive, so there is no advantage in that. (Almost forgot: Google also leaves its most active partner, Samsung, fight alone against Apple.. that is truly shameful and I don't think Samsung should receive such treatment)

Well, that pretty much explained why i think Android will fail against iOS and WP8, even if it have 64% of the marketshare. Moreover, the low-end phones will have WP8 for sure, considering the system quickness, even bad phones. And that turnover to Microsoft will feed its share of the phone market, while it already have the complete dominance of desktops. The destiny of Apple will not be bad though, it will remain as an alternative company, (and will not be hit by Microsofts growth) like it always was, and a good one for those who does not want the Microsoft systems, with low growth every year, I think.

In the end, I really don't know what will happen, but Apple and Microsoft will most likely stabilize on both phone and desktop market.

I don't want to create flamewars; Please be educated. I want to hear peopleo's arguments on my point of view and convince me I'm wrong, maybe?