Difference between Samsung and Apple

If you are not familiar with the new Samsung ad then click this link: http://www.theverge.com/2012/9/15/3338248/samsung-anti-iphone-5-ad-spec-sheet

What bothers me most about this ad is not the slamming of Apple or the new iPhone. The biggest problem I see is that Samsung ,and in a smaller sense Nokia with their tweet, are missing the point entirely! Telling me, the consumer, that your products is better because of a list of specs is stupid and inaccurate. This ad just shows me that Samsung does not care about the experience that they will give me which turns me off to their products.

Same with people screaming about their future Nokia 920. Telling me that I will have a better experience with a Nokia than an iPhone 5 because of the spec list is a lie and is just not true (because that's what a lie is)! (for example: You can tell me that the Nokia is a million times faster than the iphone...but that spec is worthless to me if it doesn't run Tweetbot).

Do I think specs are important? Yes, they are very important especially when I can't decide between two products and all things are mostly equal (ie there are two phones with similar size screens and the same OS). But a spec list on a piece of paper will never predict what the actual experience will be for that particular product. Also a product is unable to give the exact same experience for everyone regardless of its specs.

I just wish Samsung, and in a lesser sense Nokia (although they have yet to show some real life examples of how great their phone is), would concentrate on making their phones a better experience instead of pouring all their energy out on winning the semi-useless spec war, especially in advertising.

On a side note: Can we all stop pretending that whatever phone you buy is the best phone out there for everyone? Also can we stop using the argument that your product as a whole is better because according to the comparison spec lists there are a couple of numbers that are higher?

I know some people like their specs and some people might carry their spec list on a piece of paper so that they feel good about their product purchase. But in a way I side with Apple's philosophy whose main goal has never been to compete on a spec level but has always been trying to compete in giving a better experience to their customers with their products. And that is the difference, in my opinion, between Samsung and Apple.