Did Apple back themselves into a corner with resolution?

I am actually really happy with the new iPhone 5 hardware. I even got over the fact that it does not support NFC. Where Apple let me down was in the resolution and screen size area.

By switching to a non-standard 1136 x 640, they will force developers to reprogram their apps to support the new resolution. Getting all 700K (or whatever the number of apps) to support the new resolution is no small feat. I can't imagine they will change resolution again for the foreseeable future and force another change upon the developers/app ecosystem.

There is a lot of 720p content out there. It would have been nice to be able to view that content natively, pixel-to-pixel. Plus having that higher resolution still allows more wiggle room to experiment with larger sized screen (I can hope) while still maintaing the retina (300+ ppi) standard.

I don't know what the max limit is for screen size is before it starts to become unusable. I suppose the Android manufactures are exploring the limits of this. What I do know for certain is that 4 inches is not it. It need to be bigger. In my opinion, 4.3 is the sweet spot. The 4.3 in. ATT Galaxy S2 feels great in the hand. Also, oddly enough, the 4.65 Galaxy Nexus. An interesting thing about Nexus is that it is actually a 4.3 inch phone when taking out the space occupied by the onscreen buttons. I noticed this when comparing the S2 and Nexus phones side by side.

I can't imagine there would be too many complaints had the iPhone come out with a 720p 4.3 in. screen. I for one would have been ecstatic! Hope you are all happy with your 4 inch phone. Looks like it will stay there for a long time to come.