Hard to understand the thinness philosophy.

Of late, there has been lot of talk about the thinness of the phone.

Many of the writers even say, thinness of the phone show the capability of phone manufacturer's prowess to put many different things into a sleekly designed case.

I am not sure how much of the above statement is true, in the first place.

Secondly, Seriously how many would want the phone to be thin? A thin phone is hard to hold in the hand in the first place. Secondly, almost everyone whom I know, use a protective cover around around their iPhone, to protect it from accidental falls and water. Using a protective cover adds on to thickness easily.

I would believe, making, phone fall & water resistant should have been more important, than to make the phone thinner.

It is really sad to see Apple showing useless things things like Thinness as a major breakthrough in iPhone 5, where as the durability of the device should have been a more important feature.