New Headphones! Need Music Recommendations!!


Alright, I just got my new Sennheiser PC360 headset yesterday, and today I'm starting to put them through their paces. I've got them hooked up to my astro mixamp for surround sound (for my consoles too), and they've been great for games, but even just the stereo sound is AMAZING. I mainly got them for games, which have exceeded my expectations with great microphone clarity, and superb directional sounds for games.

Without a doubt, the most comfortable headset I have ever used, and that includes headphones too. Open acoustics, super light-weight, amazing directional soundscape for games, fully covers my ear with seriously comfy cushions, and the speakers are pulled back in the earcup so they don't smash against my ears. So I highly recommend them for anyone looking into a new headset.

However, I've yet to really test them out with some music. Whenever my computer is booted up, I’m the kind of person that can’t stand complete silence, so I’ll have some kind of music or podcast playing, even if it’s at low volume…maybe I just like the background noise or something. So I’d like to ask you guys for some music recommendations.

My tastes in genre are:

- post-rock

- symphonic metal

- prog rock

- downtempo/chillout

- trip-hop

- trance

- ambient

- acid jazz

- classical

Really I'm cool with most things outside maybe pop, rap, and country…but I’ll still give anything a listen.

<strong>What music would you guys recommend I listen to?</strong>