The iPod Touch...Does nobody give a damn anymore?

It's been four days since the iPhone 5 was unveiled. And the scene is as expected. Blogs and forums EVERYWHERE, even if they are Apple-based or not have run overtime trying to criticize and defend (not promote, unlike previous iterations) the sixth-generation iPhone. And for good reason too. Apple has brought about the biggest revolution in the mobile computing world with this one device, notwithstanding the iPad and Macbook Airs. Of course, most of them are repetitive and rather boring, giving the same opinion on the same point as almost everyone else. Some make quite a lot of sense too, offering Apple some credit for the completely new processor, while some really sensible articles suggested another way to look at Apple's iPhone releases - with each major redesign actually being just an alpha phase for the perfected "S" product.

But amid all this confusion and chaos regarding the rather disappointing smartphone (a first of it's kind from Apple), one REALLY important thing has been forgotten - the new, 5th generation iPod touch.

As a 4th gen iPod touch owner, I shouldn't have been excited by this one. Definitely not, since I strictly followed the 2nd generation cycle (i.e.: buy one, skip one, then buy one). But I was. The iPod touch, for anyone looking to switch over to Lumia (or HTC, if they work their stuff out) (i.e.: Me!!) or Android (Naah, not for me), is the best way to stay connected with their trusted buddy of old without committing to a contract (Or making sure that the hundreds of bucks they spent on the App Store don't go down the drain!). Also, it offers the much-needed cheaper foray into iOS' advanced capabilities for first-timers. And not just that, it actually beats or equals the flagship phone of five days back, the 4S, in almost all statistics. It totally blows out the old one, especially for a $50 upgrade. It packs Airplay, Bluetooth 4.0 LE, dual-band WiFi, the iPhone 5's screen, a dual-core A5 processor, a hybrid 5 megapixel full-HD capable camera made up of the 4S' and 5's blueprints and modules, and access to the biggest update that iOS 6 offers - 3D Maps. Oh, and I forgot, Siri, whose inclusion on what is generally perceived as iOS' 'cheap' device is rather strange. And the much touted thinness and lightness of the iPhone: this smothers that, coming in at 6.1 mm and 88g against the iPhone's 7.6 mm and 112 grams!

Much of the iPhone 5's hidden specs have been revealed - 1 GB RAM and a hybrid 2-cores-made-up-of-2-cores-each processor. But still, no one has any information about the iPod touch, and it is ignored just like before the launch of both devices, where we all knew what the iPhone would look like, but none had even bothered to speculate on whether an iPod touch would be launched or not?

I mean, sure, it does seem lackluster against the Kindle Fire HDs and the Nexus 7, but let's not forget that the Kindle Fires are actually dependent on having an Amazon presence, and most people outside of the USA have NO Amazon access! The Nexus 7 seems incredible, but for some reason, Google has chosen to keep it away from Indian shores, just like it did with the Galaxy Nexus. And competing Android 7-inchers actually sell for a HUGE premium here, with the $200 Galaxy Tab 2 costing approximately $350 here! That makes the iPod touch a rather sweet deal at a definite price limit of $300 and $400, depending on the storage choice. Also, the growing fragmentation of Android is a big concern now, with possible alienation of any device from even the very next major software update (other than the Nexus family, that is).\

All that being said, I would really, really, REALLY appreciate some more news of and interest in the iPod touch, at least from you guys, the 'Apple Core', if not everyone else.