The difference between good marketing and dubstep

This is the difference between good marketing and dubstep, a form of music created in the late 1990s. Spot the differences.

Good marketing:

Apple - The new iPad - TV Ad - Do It All (via Apple)

Introducing the All-New Kindle Fire HD — Amazon TV Commercial (via kindle)

Nexus 7: Curious (via googlenexus)


Surface by Microsoft (via surface)

For comparison with good products that crashed and burned:

Microsoft Zune 4, 8, 80 - Zune Originals - Promo Video (via ZuneOnline)

Palm Pre Commercial -Go With The Flow (via cxwe090)

And for fun since I came across it and have never seen it:

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When it comes to commercials, copying the fundamentals of what Apple does is the smart thing to do. They simply show the final product being used.


And... Microsoft has chosen not to do the smart thing, contrary to those below who thought that it was just a teaser and not a sign of things to come.

A product for members of their local Glee club:

The Surface Movement (via surface)