Apple's "Ships in 2 weeks" is a lie and causing me to get my phone 9 days later.

Due to me trying to keep my unlimited data plan on Verizon I got confused by some options after the midnight launch and was forced to wait until the morning to call Verizon and clear things up before I could pre-order my phone.

I went on both Verizon and Apples sites to compare shipping and prices. Apple said 2 weeks and $316, Verizon said September 26 and $332. So i decided to go with apple because I'll save the $16 to get my phone 2 days later ( 2 weeks from September 14 is September 28.)

Now when I check my order it says that it delivers on October 5, that is 3 weeks from my pre-order, not 2. Had I known that 2 weeks meant from release date not pre-order date I would have spent the extra $16 to get my phone 9 days earlier..