New member!

Hi eveyone!

This is my first time ever posting something here, i recently created my account, and i already have a good feeling about this very popular websites and its forums, The Verge.

Baring in mind that this is my first time here i might as well tell you a little bit the story that got me here: (You can skip this part if you want)

I'm like too many PC users outthere, excited for new technologies, always looking for news, reviews and being up to date when it comes to this kinda stuff, i was subbed to 4 YouTube channels and only three websites (two are mainly for gaming, and the other is somewhat known for the forums more than the website itself) to have my latest tech and reviews needs, now i got to the point where videos and general news were less than i want, so i searched for Windows 8 and i found your '(adressing The Verge staff members) videos about Windows 8 tablets in IFA 2012 in Berlin on YouTube, and i was just too satisfied with the overall content that they provided on their YouTube channel, i found them short, providing enough info for all of your viewers, while still keeping it intresting to watch.

As a result i decided to subscribe and took a look at more videos, and when i saw the Google Play thing and him accessing your website, i was like "WTF? They do have a website?" and i liked the color scheme and the look of it, so i thought visiting it would be a great idea, i visited the website, and found that The Verge is one of the most popular websites outthere, from 40 to 1000+ comments on each news and article.

(End of skipping)

I found the forum tab, and decided to create an account and join this huge community, i'll try to help ppl here as much as possible, and i expect good things from you guys (All of you) :)

I'm hope it's the right place to post this new member topic, otherwise i'm already posting non-sense since the start :P