Could everyone stop using Starbucks as the example for NFC?

There may be thousands of fabulous reasons to use NFC. The only place I've seen around here to use it is at Peet's Coffee. I live in Silicon Valley, by the way. NFC may be all around me, but I haven't seen it.

Please, please, please stop saying "NFC at Starbucks" as your example, though. Please. For the last I don't know how many months (6? 8? 12? more?) I have used the Starbucks app at Starbucks. I swipe my phone across the reader, I pay for my coffee, and Starbucks keeps track of my loyalty points so I can get my free latte or whatever.

In the US we don't need NFC for Starbucks. I might have used the app in Canada too, come to think of it.

If you want to argue I shouldn't be going to Starbucks, you may have a point.

If you want to argue I need NFC at Starbucks, you have zero idea what you're talking about.