The Verge (Cr)App..

I'm guessing the title says loud and clear that I'm going to just rant about the verge app...

For a tech blog that has strong opinions about how slow and buggy certain apps are on android ... like the facebook app... you guys really dropped the ball on the android app at least..

I used the android verison of the app on a Galaxy S III... and here are few reasons why i think the app is crapp!!

The app does not update to the latest news when opened.. and even if I pull down to refresh, it will update only sometimes... No idea why..

If the app is running in the background and I open it again, the scrolling becomes choppy as hell.. I've to kill the app and start it again to fix this... again.. super annoying,,,

App is buggy in every screen... I try look at reviews tab and it is blank today morning.. Tried to reload and app force closes... but this was only today morning,,

This app was released after google released its developer guidelines on app development.., evidently each and every guideline seems to be ifnored while developing this crapp..

... and I'm stumped at the number of 4 star reviews this app has got in the play store. Most of them say 'Great app but something does not work.' .. I still don't get the point of the app.. I mean it doesnt anything more than the mobile web version of the page.. and IMHO the mobile web version is waaaay better and stable than the app...

I would sincerely like to see the 'Verge score' for their own app on android..