am I the only one impatiently waiting for an iPod Touch 128GB?

I have a LOT of Electronic Music. I get 95% of it on These are high-quality 320Kbps MP3s. They take a lot of space. I listen to my music on my iPod Touch hooked up via my auxiliary cable to my car, or using my Pioneer HDJ-2000 headphones. I want to be able to run around with a lot of my music on-the-go, and I'm always running out of space on 64GB. Adding a lot of podcasts, audiobooks, and movies do not help.

People are telling me that there's no "demand" for an iPod Touch 128GB, but I disagree. Plus, I refuse to use iTunes Match, which will downgrade my music, not to mention the days it will take to upload my entire music collection.

The technology is there, so why didn't Apple make an iPod Touch 128GB? My third generation iPod Touch 64GB is getting old. I hate that I have to wait yet another year to see what the next generation will have, only to see that there still won't be a 128GB flavor...