The Thread of Anime for Mature Audiences

I have not been a fan of anime in the past few years. It's been, well, kinda a major disappointment. Oh, sure, I've been told that things like Kids on the Slope and Space Brothers are great--and I'll be checking them out when I get the chance--but by and large, I haven't enjoyed anime. Lines have gotten softer, characters all seem like kids, and the stories and intelligence often seem to be pretty weak compared to the awesomeness of anime from earlier years.

I'll be honest, half the .gifs I see in Polynauts Central look like they're all from the same anime, even when they clearly aren't, and that's somewhat disappointing.

A while ago--before I was a gamer, in fact--I used to watch TechTV. They had this programming block called Anime Unleashed, and it provided my post-Digimon introduction to the world of anime. They had shows like Betterman, Serial Experiments: Lain, Last Exile, and Boogiepop Phantom. I enjoyed these shows greatly.

Anyways, I've seen quite a bit of anime since then, some good, some bad. I thought it might be fun to create a topic about anime--from whatever time period--that is... hm. I'm not sure what it is. What does Cowboy Bebop share with The Big O or Planetes? I'm not really sure. But that's what I'm interested in watching.

I'd appreciate hearing some suggestions for great, intelligent anime that aren't full of fanservice, or harems, or cutesy bullshit, or magical girls, or what have you. At this stage, I'm not even interested in stuff that's supposed to be smart, but still looks stupidly cutesy (I believe this is how Lucky Star was presented to me). Give me your El Hazards and your Samurai Champloos and your Evangelions.

(if you mention Suzumiya Haruhi I will cut you)