When Samsung released the Galaxy Note, it was met with some skepticism. Do people want a huge phone with a huge screen that barely fits in your pocket, people wondered? Turns out they do, and the Note has sold gangbusters since it was introduced. It's been left mostly without competition, too — at least until LG unveiled the Optimus Vu, a 5-inch phone with a super-wide 4:3 aspect ratio.

The Optimus Vu is now known as the LG Intuition, and it's now available on Verizon. The logic for the phone seems clear: people are obviously willing to trade small size for convenience and features, so LG is taking that tradeoff to its extreme. The $199 phone has some serious competition on Verizon, though, from the also-large Galaxy S III, the newly larger iPhone, and more. Plus, there's another Note coming soon. Is LG giving the people what they want, or taking a good idea too far? Read on.