Google Nexus X - My rendition of the next Nexus device

Ever since the release of the Galaxy Nexus last fall, rumors regarding the next generation Nexus phone have been rampant.

Many, myself included, would like to see HTC return to building Nexus devices, especially after the impressive hardware of recent devices such as the One X. Several renderings have been created reflecting the hope that at least one of the rumored 5 Nexus devices will inherit the appearance and build of the One X.

This is mine - the Google Nexus X. This is [possibly] my next Nexus device.






No carrier or manufacturer branding is present on the front of the device, keeping its face in line with every Nexus phone since the original Nexus One. As a result of the lack of branding as well as the inclusion of software buttons in place of the touch-sensitive hardware buttons on the One X, the bezels on the face of the device have been reduced.

A major consideration was to keep retain and in some ways improve on the harmony of the One X's design. For instance, careful placement of the display was critical, because the software buttons require extra lower room. A coherent design contributes to the phone's sense of visual proportion, as demonstrated by the pleasing proportions of devices such as the iPhone as well as those of a few Android phones.


On the rear, I have developed a possible new branding method for Nexus devices, which involves the use of the "X"-shaped Nexus logo that Google refined most recently for the Nexus 7, as well as the "g" icon that Google currently uses in a variety of places, such as the new thumbnail icon at the top of the browser window for and the app icons for many Android and iOS apps. The idea is to move towards using images rather than text on electronics, since they are not only a universal method of communication but they also are more effective when incorporated with the aesthetics and design of a product.

I have also smoothened and flattened the camera by removing the silver ring around it, as one of the recorded flaws of the One X design was the camera's protruding lens.

I am definitely looking forward to the release of the next Nexus device(s), regardless of appearance or manufacturer. In the wake of patent lawsuits and extreme market competition, the importance of the Nexus lineup is more significant now than it has been ever before - it represents a chance for Google to illustrate what Android is all about.