The Ecosystem Lock In

After the iPhone launch I've going through a lot of the comment sections of various tech websites, there 2 common themes that run through all of them,

1. It's not innovative enough for me to buy

2. I'm locked in/enslaved to that ecosystem to avoid the iPhone

Personally, I've been completely free of all the ecosystems. I decided to list out all the tech that I regularly use and then see if I could let go of any of my stuff without a like for like replacement.

1. Custom built desktop - Enslaved because of gaming

2. Sony Vaio VGN-Z56GG - Independent, will be replaced by a hybrid soon may also consider a Mac

3. HTC One X - Independent

4. Google Nexus 7 - Independent

5. Samsung Galaxy S2 - Independent

6. Google Nexus S - Independent

7. iPad 2 - Independent

8. Nokia N9 - Enslaved (because love it)

9. Nokia Lumia 900 - Independent

These are all my devices and I'm currently truly enslaved to the custom gaming rig running Windows 8.

So, I'd like you guys to post all the tech that you guys use and how locked in you are to each of those products.

If you are locked into Apple or Android's ecosystem what would it require for you to move to the Microsoft Ecosytem.