A second look at flash gaming, this time from Windows 8 tablet

The lack of apps on Windows 8 store is a big neon-pink elephan in a dark room, although, growth is impressive (253 apps last week) even when the OS has not fully launched which is great. However it still bothers me and a great deal of the early adopters.

Thanksfully, Windows 8 (x86 flavor) does support current Windows Store alternatives for apps: Chrome Web Store, Facebook Apps, Kongregate, Miniclips, etc, etc...

I've been exploring those from Windows 8 tablet interface and have had mixed results, mostly because these apps are mostly tailored for mouse and keyboard input of course.

During my testing, Kongregate and Facebook apps rank first for tablet gaming, Kongregate already has some touch aware games from the days where Android flash gaming was supposed to be the *****, and it seems that the touch aware culture keep going, about 6/10 apps worked well with touch. Facebook apps have some issues however, games like Angry Birds, Bejeweled, Farm Ville 2 (Incredible!) on my testing worked extremly well with touch, still the success rate was about 6/10, all of these played in the Metro IE10.

Sadly, the Chrome Web store, which is the greatest to my eyes, does not have many touch aware apps, I hope this changes in the future.

I think this will become an important part of the user experience at least for the first months, while the Windows Store gets populated with great content.

What do you guys think?, will this stores improve overtime?, will they compete with the Windows Store on games and non games? I think is great that we will have alternatives at least, the potential for variety of apps and content on Windows 8 will be brilliant!