Little Big Planet [vita] might be the killer game you were waiting

... sort of, because Gravity Daze already earned this title.

But thanks to Sony and its street date broken, we had the game since friday. If you have played LBP2 [PS3], this one is somehow similar :

  • story mode with levels based on the ally you have to help
  • your levels creation
  • community [servers will be up tomorrow]
The Vita touch controls are quite well integrated to the gameplay and do not slow it. The Creatinator is back with 2 options :

The rear control is not that precise. It is used for controlling the flying object (here these kind of bees), it works well when you keep your finger on the pad ( the left figure shows that you control Sackboy by aiming the green circle). But as you cannot ( well... I can't) keep your finger pressing the rear pad all the time, after releasing and repressing the rear pad, it somehow resets the green circle but not at the previous location. This leads to Sackboy to go to this direction even if you dont want ( right pic. ). This is my only drawback for now , not sure if it can be fixed by a soft-update



There is also the Grabinator that uses the gyroscope of the Vita, as well as some minigames.

First it asks you to move the vita on the vertical and then you have to tap like hell .... you know the game :)17a4o5_medium


I haven't tested the creation mode and the online will be available tomorrow so it means multi and crazy new levels and a lot to do in the game.

Go buy it now !

ps : yep, I'm replaying ME2 :)