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Reviewed by quarlow (Currently owns)

The Basics:

The screen is really high resolution, but I fear for the longevity of it. I had a Galaxy S II for the last 10 months, and dropped it on asphalt (with no case or screen protector) at least 3 times over that period. In all that time it only received one 1/4" scratch. In less than 3 days I have a similar scratch on my One X. No drops, no rough surfaces, the same empty pockets that my Galaxy S II called home. There are far too many reports of small minor drops leading to iPhone-esque shattering of screens.

It's plastic, and the feel is growing on me. The same way the Galaxy S II felt more comfortable the longer I had it. But the screen doesn't feel securely held down, there is give in the edge between glass and plastic, another too-common complaint online. I don't see the amazing build quality the Verge editors did, just average. It is a very visual appealing design, but at the sacrifice of some actual quality issues.

I don't have LTE, all call and data services are on par with my Galaxy S II.

Battery life has improved over my Galaxy S II, getting a full day more comfortably than before, but still needs a charge each night.

It's fast and smooth once you get different firmware on it. But, not on stock firmware. And it is a total PITA to get custom firmware on it compared to a Samsung device. At best on stock firmware, I still felt the stock GB or ICS on the Galaxy S II was at least equal and in some places faster and smoother.

Sense does offer some cool customizability out of the box. The kind of things people jailbreak their iPhone for is baked in and easily changed. Plus there are more available online. No root required.

The Peeves:

Sense is loaded with exorbitant flourishes and animations. I had an Aria (3.2" screen) and now have a One X (4.7"). They both offer a 4*4 layout on the home screen. With Nova I can comfortably use a 5*7 icon layout without cramping, but if I want to use HTC's famed widgets I must use the sense launcher, and the sense launcher is still running anyway, so with Nova the performance suffers. Changes for the sake of changes drive me crazy. When I pull down the notification shade it's pinned to the bottom, instead of revealing behind like AOSP. Example: when I get a text, I must pull the shade fully down to see the preview, vs. only pulling down 1/3 the way.

Don't call it a notification LED if I must pick up the phone and look directly at the phone to see it blink.

Why is the Front Facing camera set back, is it designed in a way to collect dust and lint? If so: good job.

The Breakdown

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  • Design 8
  • Display 9
  • Camera(s) 8
  • Reception / call quality 8
  • Performance 8
  • Software 7
  • Battery life 8
  • Ecosystem 8
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