Google Talk App for iOS

I am in pretty constant state of flux with Google Talk apps for iOS. It has gotten to the point where I've started taking my Nexus S with me and using it on WiFi for a better Talk experience.

I have tried imo, Beejive, and gave Trillian a shot - but they all seem to be buggy or poorly designed. So far the best one I've tried is Verbs for $.99 but something irks me about paying $5 for the Pro version so I can stay logged in for seven days and also get better battery performance. If it is the best I don't mind paying for it - but I'd like to see some more options.

My problems with the aforementioned apps, aside from Verbs, came down to performance and look. I want something clean, simple, and lacking in bugs. I don't care about gestures, emojis, and I would rather not create a separate account through Trillian just to have a messaging app. Beejive looked okay but was inconsistent with getting me my notifications. imo had the same sort of problem.

Anyone have any suggestions or experiences to share? I know I sound a bit picky and if Verbs works out for a while I should just suck it up and buy the Pro, but I'd rather get some other opinions.