Let's Discuss Bridezilla's : Good, Bad & Ugly

I've got a new post concerning Bayonetta and the Wii U coming soon but for now I wanted to focus on something a little fringe here in the off topic forum. Namely an epidemic and amply named television show know as "Bridezillas". I recently had a buddy call off his wedding because his now ex-future wife became a rampaging, unfeeling monster while attempting to plan and coordinate their wedding.

I've known them for a while and I have to say she was not being herself and the entire thing was a little ridiculous. Having been engaged myself, I know that feel but figured it was isolated, however upon review there is apparently an entire TV Show dedicated to this kind of behavior. I watched a few episodes and only had one reaction:

It's kind of scary what wedding planning stress can do an other wise rational person. I created a video that will hopefully motivate and decrease the kind of thoughts that stress people out to the point that they transform into the creatures known as Bridezillas.

After watching the video, Anyone got any Bride or Groom zilla stories to share?