My First App - QRU? (Now Free!)







QRU? allows you to share any of your contacts as a QR code. QR codes are able to be scanned by devices powered by any one of dozens of platforms. Whether its Android, iOS, WP7/8, BBOS, symbian, or one of many others, if it has a barcode scanner it can receive a contact from you. QRU? really allows you to share contact info with nearly anybody.

QRU? allows you to share the following contact fields:

-Phone Numbers
-Email Addresses
-Postal Addresses

and formats them as a neat and tidy VCARD QR code. QRU? can also:

-Place contact photo as QR code background (light or dark)
-Easily share to various services
-Save QR code to SD card

The next time somebody asks "Who are you?" just open QRU?!

Get it on Google Play

Planned future features include website, relationship, and event fields, field type (WORK, HOME, CELL,etc), landscape mode, and sharing to/from QRU?

This is the first Android app I've created. The experience was pretty good so far and I'm sure I'll start up another project once I am satisfied with QRU?. Feedback is welcome and appreciated :)