Can't we all just get along?

This past week the amount of trolling across all forums and verge posts has been ridiculous. I admit myself I have got worked up and retaliated childlishly in certain deliberate troll articles in our forum.

Whether people choose to be ignorant or not is upto them but fact is, Lumia 920, iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 are all great phones. We all like different products and different products fulfill our different needs. People need to stop trolling the ms Tribe to dismiss windows phone and vice versa. Sure, you may think lumia is a DOA, some may think iPhone is boring, some may think galaxy is ugly. The fact is we are all DIFFERENT, as are the products.

If you don't like a particular product, just ignore it. I like windows phone because its simple and attractive, iOS is great for apps, android is amazing for customisation. I've used iPhone 3GS, galaxy note, and current wp7 user with an iPad 3. I will be getting the Lumia 920. In terms of Hardware the three phones all stand together as an almighty trio with similar specs.

People need to stop calling L920 vapourware as well. Is the galaxy note 2 vapourware? No? They're just not out yet, 4-6 weeks to go.

Grow up and embrace technology people!