Are blackberry fans the most loyal?

I was thinking about this just now after seeing a post in the blackberry forums asking why the traffic was so low and it made me wonder about such people. If you are still hanging on waiting to see and get excited for what blackberry has to offer, you kind of have to be one of the most loyal creatures in the universe. Year after endless year of unimaginable disappointment and delays, and still those dwindling few hold into hope.

They kind of reminded me of Hershel from the walking dead tv series.

dramatization (spoilers)

visitors: OMG !!! Are those zombies in the barn ?!?!?!? Let's KILL THEM !!!!

Hershel: WAIT a minute! !!! It's NOT TOO LATE FOR THEM !!!!!

That guy did NOT want to give up on people, and so it seems to be with blackberry fans.

I suppose most blackberry fans actually already left, looking at the current activity of the blackberry forums shows a clear ghost town, but those who remain... they are hard core.