Polynauts Community Features: Beating your personal HYPE TRAIN.


So, Polynauts. I'm attempting to help take our Polygon Community in new directions, one which some community members tend not to venture into for one reason or another. That direction? Writing community features.

Here's my proposal. Each week I'll ask you a question. That question might ask you for anything up to 300 words on a specific subject area, and I'll then put everything together in the Poly-wobbly-wimey device and we'll have ourselves a feature. Think of it as a 'Best of Polynauts', if that description works for you then it works for me too!

What's this weeks topic?


What games have you purchased that you eagerly awaited, ate up every bit of drip-fed information from PR and then felt that they were better than you ever expected. Write about your experiences with early trailers, screenshots, interviews and finally gameplay. If you can send me a couple of links to back up what you're talking about that would also be cool.

Once you're done, bundle it all together and email it to me at Polynauts[at]gmail[dotcom] with the subject header 'Polycom Hype'. I'm looking all sorts of personal hype here, so please feel free to share anything you want.

The deadline for submissions is Sunday 23rd September, 2012.

I look forward to collaborating with all of you.