Should I recommend my bestie a W8 tablet or an Ipad or even a Android tab

Sup ma geeky friends. My bestie needs a tablet computer. because her one broke............again. I think she broke some amount of tablets since last yr and this year. she's rich anyway. she's on her 7th tablet. But on not on purpose. One was for a test resist tablet. mostly overheating and hardware problems and she s kinda of sad at the moment and crying. I told her would you like an Ipad. She said she breaks them.but I tell her it's not true at all. She once thought they were cursed. (oh God I cracked up Laughing). And I told her about those Windows 8 tablets. She thought they were perfect. but she had a bad bad experience with OEM tablets. then I told her about the MS surface. She liked the look and the creativity of the tablet. but she thought about the gaming apps. She's a hardout gamer. She has a xbox and a live account. but she wants certain games. so i'm in a problem. get her an ipad? which has the games but she breaks them a lot. or get the MS surface? which she has a Xbox and a live account and she likes the creativity. but doesn't have some of the games she uses. Or should I just recommend an Android Tab.


Unfortunately she can't trust Apple anymore since she always got problems and fed up the breaking and overheating. So she's just gonna go the Surace then. sigh



By the way I'm a 15 yr old pretty girl. so do not disrespect me. No trolls please. So I want to keep it troll free. don't want stupid troll fanboys (sorry Boys. True fact No boys and girl arguments please) in this thread please. :-)