Why fragmentation hasn't killed Android

I remember months ago (and I guess they still do it) almost every tech blog had some kind of article about why fragmentation was going to kill Android. Everyone said that consumers were going to complain about updates and that all the apps would break which would signal the end of Android.

What happened? Motoblur, Touchwiz and Sense actually got good and a lot of people started to like the skins. Say what you want, but the Nexus line is the WORST selling Android brand in America. HTC Sense, Droid and Galaxy phones dominate Nexus sales and they haven't broken compatibility with Android. I have yet to have trouble running an Android app on any of my devices or my friends' devices. Some of the OEM skins have actually enhanced the experience for some consumers as they started to like the continuity of sticking with an OEM across different versions of Android.

Techies might think that the newest version of Android is better but that is really subjective. Gingerbread does actually run better on lower specced devices and many are like me when they say that the removal of capacitive buttons was a step backward. Consumers have spoken and most have said that they would rather have something unique and interesting from an OEM rather than get the latest OS from Google.


via www.intomobile.com