Twitter has just updated its iPad app with some big design changes, including removal of the sliding panels in older versions, and a focus on user profiles. The biggest change is with user profiles, which have been updated to include larger Facebook-style header photos. The header photos are visible on the web and across Twitter's apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android — the company says you can check out a couple of examples courtesy of Ryan Seacrest and Al Roker. All users can upload a header photo now on in the Design section of the Settings page.

Twitter has also updated its iPhone, iPad, and Android apps to integrate Twitter's photo streams. Users can now see photo streams appear below people's most recent tweets, and it's now easier to load full-screen views of links and photos by tapping their thumbnails. Twitter says it has built the iPad version "from the ground up," removing the sliding panel UI and adding web features like in-line tweet expansion.

Twitter says the new profiles will "help you get to know people better through their pictures," and that the original background photo option will still be available on the web. Twitter's updated apps are available now on its download page.