My most anticipated feature of W8 is WP8!!

I may be alone here but I've been running Windows 8 from CP to RTM on all my computers, I love Windows 8 and feel Windows 7 is now stale as do the people I've taken the time to actually show Windows 8 to.

However, something is missing, that something is integration with Windows Phone. Being the owner of the HTC Titan and getting the Lumia 920 I can't wait to see what Microsoft having cooking for this relationship!

I know there have been recent links about a metro app and Zune being taken out of the picture but I really hope it's not just syncing and management.

I want full device interaction and control similar to Nokia Suite, reply to messages and have them pop up same as other Windows 8 notifications.

Honestly I feel this will also help WP8 massively to have this very direct and effortless relationship with a product that is going to ship 400 million copies in it's first year. Microsoft need to bring this functionality full force or at least let Nokia take over this side of Windows Phone!