What could Windows (Phone) 8 possibly do to Android?


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p.s., I'm not a native speaker. So please forgive any grammatical mistake that I may have made. :)

I know this might sound like a silly question, especially when we look back at WP7's current market share (at 3.5% according to IDC.) But seriously guys, do you think WP8 could make a difference this time? I mean, unlike WP7 which has been fighting all alone to this point, WP8 has W8 by its side and from my point of view this alone could provide some advantage over Android.

First, developers could really benefit from the shared core -- the number of apps could increase rapidly. As Joe Belfiore has told us, there will be a ".. 'shared core' between Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8," meaning that apps that works on the phone would also works on PC. Furthermore this could attract more developers as they could easily port their apps back and forth between W8 and WP8.

Second, Microsoft's Don't-call-it-Metro UI is quite appealing. It's completely subjective, I know. But at least I've found out that some of my friends love to have those over-simplified tiles stacking all over their desktop when trying out W8 Consumer Preview. The only fact that I could assure is that Microsoft is seriously monitoring apps that tries to get into their store --including their design. So whether you like it or not, it gives the OS a more unified and consistent feel.

Third, The Surface is attractive. Again, this is completely subjective. But I think if Microsoft put a right number on its price tag, this little brat could sell well. Thus, expanding the user-base of W8 and possibly hooks its user to also buy a WP8 device.

Fourth, they're also using the same approach as Android when it comes to pricing. Many people Apple fanboi said that Android has a huge share in the market because of the rather-cheap pricing strategy used by manufacturers. As much as I hate this statement, I've got to admit; it's kinda true -- especially when we're talking about emerging markets. Now that W(P)8 also come in a variety of prices, I'm afraid this could possibly affect Android in some way.

I realize that I sounded like a W(P)8 freak and an Android hater. Well, the thing is I've been using Android for quite a while now. Nearly every one of my data and content are on Google's servers since 2009 and to top it all I'm also an Android developer. So I don't hate Android -- I effin' love it. In fact, I'm afraid that those advantages (mostly the UX) would appeal more to new and non-hardcore Android users and make them switch, especially when talking about tablets.

I do hope, however, that I am wrong about all those things.

So tell me your opinion, fellow Android Army!