The weird, true story of how my brush with local fame became a Dance Central 3 move

Yes, that's me, Polygon managing editor Justin McElroy as Justin Evans, the boy who accidentally traveled through time, learned a lot about the history of West Virginia and, in the end, a little bit about himself. The Time Belt was a locally produced hour-long sci-fi special and even though the special effects may not have aged so well, I was and am pretty pleased with how it came out (thanks largely to Chuck Minsker, the mastermind behind the special). Also, you get to hear my dad try to pronounce a lot of big words.

The Time Belt was my memory to treasure until one of the 2012 E3 Giant Bombcasts.

The voices you hear there who aren't members of Giant Bomb are staffers who work at Harmonix. So captivated were they by the idea of a husky pre-teen travelling through time that they created a move in Dance Central 3 called ... Time Belt.


In the video above you can actually hear the moment at which Harmonix boss Alex Rigopulos agrees to it. It's legit. But it gets better: The move is placed in what is, let's be honest, the only track it could have been placed in: You Got It (The Right Stuff) by New Kids on the Block.

I honestly don't have much in the way of explanation for ... well, basically anything in this post. I can only say that the staffers at Harmonix have wonderful taste in local historical sci-fi programming. I genuinely appreciate them locking the Time Belt and my performance in digital amber. That said, if this is this the closest I ever get to immortality ... well, you know what, let's not even think about that. Let's just enjoy the music.