Considering WP8, a few unanswered questions though.

So two and a bit years ago I bought an iphone 4, and while the iphone 5 is... alright... I'm seriously considering the Nokia 920 when it's released. I do have some rather large question marks hanging over some aspects of the OS though.

1) Pod Casts. I listen to a few pod casts, and hate manually checking for new releases. I seem to remember reading WP7 would automatically download new pod casts, which is super, does this exist in WP8? (P.S. I'm in the UK, I read the USA have a better version?)

2) Mass Storage. A major niggle of mine with the iphone is I've got GB's of space that I can't use. Is it possible use a WP8 phone like a usb stick?

3) Airplay. I do enjoy airplay (I use shareport4w on my PC and will stick an airport express in the kitchen if I stick with Apple) does WP8 have an equally easy way to play to "remote" speakers?

3.5) Airplay cont... I hate how limited airplay is, being unable to send audio from PC to iphone or a video (most likely on youtube) I'm watching to my ipad when I go to make dinner. Will smart glass allow anything like this, it's hard to find information that isn't about the second screen...

Cheers in advance for any help.